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Analytical Instrument Managements Refurbishment Process

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Our Refurbishment Process has changed the way laboratories view Restored instrumentation 


Analytical Instrument Management maintains a 9400 sq ft analytical laboratory facility in Littleton Colorado. Our facility is equipped with all of the necessary lab grade benches, power, gases, standards, solvents and consumables that you would find in any high production analytical lab. From our dedicated LC/MS Triple Quad Lab to our ICPMS performance evaluation facility. We are prepared to test your refurbished instrument in the same manner that you will be utilizing it on a daily basis.

Our performance testing lab is operated by service engineers that are also analytical chemists with years of hands on laboratory experience running complex analytical methods in high throughput laboratories. Contact us or call 888-909-0468.

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Rebuilt from the ground Up

Every system that goes through our rigorous refurbishment process is completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. This allows us to find and correct even the smallest flaw during your systems configuration.

All parts are thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. Electronics are carefully dusted with dry compressed gas, all wiring and connections are cleaned and inspected, system covers get scrubbed, soaked and dried.

During this time you will also be connected with someone from our operations department, they will go over site preparation with you to make sure that you have the proper space, electrical, gasses and everything that will be required on your end to receive the instrument.


Configured to your exact specs And New Parts are Installed

Your system then moves to the configuration stage. This is when we install the options and modules that you have selected for your order. Several Brand New parts are installed into your system at this stage.

GC Systems: All detectors and inlets are rebuilt with brand new parts that include new jets, igniters, o rings, nuts, ferrules, septa, liners and more... Autosamplers get new belts and syringes.

HPLC Systems: new pump seals, new sapphire pistons. Needle, seat, and rotor seals are replaced on the autosampler, new solvent tubing and filters, new sample path, new detector lamps and solvent bottles.

MSD Systems: new electron multipliers, ion source repeller, Filaments, seals, column nuts and ferrules. New or rebuilt rough pumps with fresh oil, new vacuum hoses, seals and connections.

Triple Quad: new electron multipliers, new capillary, nebulizer needles and ferrules, calibration solution and more....

ICPMS: skimmer and sampling cones, o rings, seals, pump tubing, ferrules, pump oil, coolant etc...

Data Systems: If ordered, you will receive a brand new computer data system that is configured specifically for your system, this includes a new keyboard, mouse and beautiful 27" display.


Diagnostic Testing 

After the options are installed we then perform a series of diagnostic tests designed to prove that the newly installed components are meeting the original manufactures specifications for each option. These tests include things like, inlets pressure decay tests to insure leak tight sample introduction and detector EPC calibrations to make sure that the electronic pressure control is meeting the original manufactures flow specifications. Module tests are preformed to guarantee that all system modules are within the original manufactures specifications for pressure, vacuum, temperature, alignment and more...

Autosamplers are calibrated and put through 100's of test runs to certify repeatability.


Now its time for Application Specific Testing

We now run stringent application specific testing on each system. Depending on the systems final use we have certain analytical methods developed to put your system to the test! Most instruments are run 24 hours a day for over week or more as we tweak and dial in your system for optimal performance. During this process we are generating real analytical data to ensure that your system is going to perform at the highest level.



After we are happy with the performance test data, we want to make sure that you are happy with the data as well. We provide you with a comprehensive data package for your review, questions and approval. Once approved your system heads to our packing area. Here we utilize a custom foam injection packing system. All systems are expertly packed for safe transportation.

We offer installation and system/software familiarization for all of our Agilent Instrumentation.

Why our focus is on Agilent Technologies Instruments

We have been working with Agilent Technologies instrumentation back when it was still Hewlett Packard. Agilent equipment stands apart from all other manufactures for its unrivaled reliability and ease of use. You will be hard pressed to find a seasoned analytical chemist that has not operated an Agilent system and is familiar with their software.

We have clients that are still running 5890A GC's that were manufactured back in the 80's. They are wonderfully designed instruments that are easy to work on and last forever. They also hold their value at a significantly higher rate than any other manufacture. We have worked with HP/Agilent systems manufactured in the 1980's to systems that were shipped from the Agilent factory just weeks ago and all models in between. When it comes to Refurbished Agilent Instrumentation, AIM is your go to company.

Investing in Refurbished Agilent Technologies Instrumentation is a smart choice for laboratories seeking unparalleled quality, versatility, and productivity at an affordable price. Contact us today to discuss how used laboratory equipment can enhance your analytical capabilities and drive your scientific success.

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