Residual Solvents In Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Residual Solvent Testing Information

Residual solvent testing is a must for any extract, concentrate, or downstream cannabis product from which solvents have been used in order to protect consumer health. Cannabis and hemp extractors and manufacturers should consider in-house process testing not only to protect their business and liability but also as a great R&D tool to make sure they're removing solvents but keeping those valuable terpenes!

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  • The tool of choice if you are testing for residual solvents in cannabis is a GC-FID or GC/MS. Put simply, the difference between the two is that a GC/MS offers some extra capabilities and lower detection limits compared to GC-FID, but at a higher equipment and running cost. Some state requirements necessitate the use of GC/MS due to the types of solvents and/or the detection limits required.

    The preferred sample-introduction method for solvent testing is headspace. While it is possible to use liquid injection for some applications, headspace produces much better results and more easily. Whether you choose GC-FID or GC/MS depends on your specific detection limit requirements and budget considerations.

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All AIM cannabis residual solvent testing solutions have a built-in method and SOP. We also offer installation and training either onsite or at our Colorado facility. All AIM equipment comes with a warranty and support included, so allow us to handle your cannabis lab testing equipment needs today.

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