Solve Plunger Errors With AIM

Are you struggling with plunger errors on your Agilent Technologies Model 7683 (G2913A) ALS or Model 7693 (G4513A) Automatic Liquid Sampler Autoinjectors? Analytical Instrument Management (AIM) is here to help. When encountering front or back plunger errors, several factors might be at play. Before giving up, carefully inspect the following potential causes.


1. Sticky or Improperly Connected Syringe Plungers

Ensure the syringe plunger is free from sticking and securely attached to the plunger carrier.

2. Binding Plunger Solenoids

Check for any obstructions causing the plunger solenoids to bind during operation.


3. Inoperable Plunger Carrier Encoder

If the encoder is malfunctioning, it may affect the plungers' movement.

4. Hindered Plunger Movement Due to Residue or Wear

If the plunger is not moving freely, consider installing a new syringe and priming it with solvent before use.


More Troubleshooting Tips

To troubleshoot, start by removing the syringe and assessing it for any sticky or binding issues. Consider replacing the syringe if necessary. If errors persist, review the sample's viscosity against the viscosity parameter and reset if required.

Lastly, restart the sequence and monitor for improvements. If issues persist, do not hesitate to contact AIM for further assistance. Our team can facilitate a seamless trade-in of your old Agilent autosampler for a refurbished unit with a warranty, tailored to your needs.


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Rely on AIM for Plunger Troubleshooting

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