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Refurbished Agilent 5975C GC/MS

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Refurbished Agilent 5975C GC/MS

When you purchase a refurbished Agilent 5975C GC/MS from Analytical Instrument Management you will be amazed at the amount of detail and testing that goes into our end product. Explore what we have to offer, and then get a quote or call 888-909-0468.

We can custom configure any system to meet your specific requirements.


Agilent Technologies 5975C GC/MS

  • The 59775C XL Series MSD is equipped with a turbomolecular (turbo) pump
  • The 5975C VL is offered with a diffusion (diff) pump.

Agilent 5975C TAD Series GC/MSD System The Agilent 5975C TAD Series Gas Chromatograph/Mass Selective Detector (GC/MSD) with the Triple-Axis High Energy Diode (HED) Electron Multiplier (EM) Detector provides the flexi- bility, capabilities, and performance demanded by modern applications in all industries.

The 5975C TAD Series GC/MSD provides high performance and high productivity with features that will improve your analysis


Agilent 5975C Specifications

Agilent 5975C TAD Series MSD System

  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Mode (standard) EI
  • Modes (optional) PCI, NCI, and EI acquisition with CI
  • source
  • EI ion source type Noncoated inert EI source
  • Sources EI source provided with all systems
  • CI source for PCI, NCI, and EI added to CI systems
  • Ionization energy 5–241.5 eV
  • Ionization current 0–315 μA
  • CI gases Dual gas inlet
  • Filaments Dual for EI, single for CI
  • Transfer line temperature 100–350 °C
  • Ion source temperature 150–350 °C
  • Quadrupole temperature 106–200 °C
  • Mass filter Monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
  • Mass filter protection Entrance lens
  • Minimum mass 1.6 u
  • Maximum mass 1050 u
  • Mass resolution Unit mass adjustable by tune
  • Mass axis stability Better than 0.10 u/48 h
  • Detector Triple-Axis Detector with long life EM
  • Dynamic range (electronic) 10e6
  • Scan rate (electronic) Up to 12,500 u/s
  • Write-to-disk Up to 8,000 u/s
  • SIM 60 ions × 100 groups
  • Diffusion Pumping system 65 L/s and 71 L/s
  • Turbo Pumping system for the or 260 L/s pump with 2.5 m3/hr mechanical
  • Maximum recommended 1.5 mL/min (diffusion)
  • analytical gas flow, mL/min 2 mL/min (standard turbo)
  • 4 mL/min (performance turbo)
  • Recommended maximum 3.0 mL/min (diffusion)
  • sustained column flow 5.0 mL/min (standard turbo)
  • to MS 15.0 mL/min (performance turbo)
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Agilent GC Options for 5975C Mass Spec

Analytical Instrument Management has a wide selection of quality used Agilent Technologies 5975C GC/MS systems waiting to be configured to your exact specifications. All of our refurbished GC/MS systems are rigorously tested to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications to provide you with top-quality instrumentation and superior performance at an affordable price.

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Why choose us

Your reconditioned GC/MS system will be thoroughly tested in our state of the art laboratory by AIM service engineers that are also analytical chemists, all of whom have years of hands on analytical lab experience. This allows us to prove that our systems are meeting not only the manufacturer’s specifications but performing at the level in which you need for your specific analysis.

All refurbished GC/MS systems include but are not limited to:

  • New Electron Multipliers
  • New Filaments
  • New Ion Source Repeller
  • New Vacuum Hoses
  • Rebuilt Rough Pump with fresh oil
  • New Seals
  • New Inlet seals
  • New Liners
  • New Septa
  • New Custom Built PC Data Systems with new 27" displays

When purchasing from AIM, you will receive a comprehensive data report detailing the instrument’s specifications and performance test data prior to shipping. All of our GC/MS systems come with an AIM warranty to ensure lasting performance for many years to come.

For more detailed information on our refurbished Agilent analytical instruments, feel free to contact us at 888-909-0468.

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